We believe that bringing the world more joy is a great thing. We do this by creating the best experiences and fostering discovery of new ways to play in our mobile game network. Founded in 2009, Storm8 has published more than 45 games across a variety of genres – so there is something for everyone. Our high-quality experiences and deep storytelling keep global users engaged. And finding new ways to enjoy playing for a minute or an hour is what keeps them coming back day after day.

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Perry sets Storm8’s overall strategic vision. Before co-founding Storm8, Perry was an engineer at Facebook, where he led the payments team that architected Facebook Credits. Previously, he held engineering roles at Guidewire Software and Oracle. The author of four patents, Perry received his undergraduate degree from Cornell University.

Terence Fung


Terence leads Storm8’s commercial strategy and development, including partnerships, UA and marketing. He has nearly 20 years technology and digital media experience, most recently leading corporate development at Zynga, overseeing 35+ transactions. Terence was also an investment banker at Lazard and Deutsche Bank. He graduated from the Wharton School of the Univ. of Pennsylvania.

William Siu


William led Storm8’s product vision as co-founder and continues to find innovative ways to expand Storm8’s network reach on mobile. Previously, William worked at Facebook as an engineer building Facebook Credits. Prior to that, he worked at Google on the launch of Google Checkout. William received his undergraduate degree from the University of Waterloo.

Chak Ming Li


Chak leads Storm8’s game development strategy, driving new game conceptualization, planning and portfolio growth. Before co-founding Storm8, Chak worked as an engineer at Facebook and Google building ad systems. Chak received his undergraduate degree from the University of Waterloo.

Laura Yip


Laura spearheads Storm8’s culture, development and wellness strategies and programs to ensure that Stormies have a fun and meaningful place to work. Prior to co-founding Storm8, Laura was a registered dietitian and diabetes educator. Laura received her undergraduate degree from Cornell University.

Your next career adventure awaits at Storm8. Are you ready?

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